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FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (June 15, 2015) – The military is pushing knowledge to the point of need by making electronic publications, or EPUBs, available for download on soldiers’ mobile devices.

Doctrinal publications are accessible in portable document formats, also known as PDFs, on personal computers and some mobile devices, but their viewing on mobile devices is less than optimal.

By the end of June, the military will have converted many military doctrinal publications to EPUB format, which will make them easier to read on tablet computers and smartphones. Depending on the sophistication of the device, users can mark, highlight and insert notes on the posts.

Doctrinal publications, including the Army Doctrine Reference Publication, or ADRP 1, The Army Profession are available at the Army Publications Directorate: mil / ProductMaps / TRADOC / ADRP.aspx in PDF and EPUB formats. By the end of the month, FM-6-22, Leader Development, will also be converted to EPUB.

“Electronic publishing represents a new era for the military,” said Helen Remily, TRADOC Capability Manager for the Army’s Distributed Learning Program. “This enables the military to provide training and education materials to soldiers and civilians in the military where and when they need it.”

Now, some soldiers are spending their own money to buy publications from online services or find outdated Army publications on the Internet.

“Soldiers deserve to have the latest authenticated documents handy when they need them and without spending their hard-earned wages,” said Remily, who heads the organization from Fort Eustis, Va. switch to electronic publishing.

In addition to EPUBs, some doctrinal manuals will be available as e2Book Doctrine Supplements. These posts will contain embedded videos, animations and other multimedia elements. You can find the first e2Book, ADRP 1 Doctrine Supplement at and the Central Army Registry, or CAR:

“These innovations will immerse the individual in content and improve learning by increasing comprehension and retention, which improves performance,” said Remily.

Doctrinal publications were naturally the first candidates for electronic publishing. The information is essential, unclassified and non-sensitive.

Preparing publications for electronic publishing is a complicated task. The Remily team had to make sure that the posts were compatible with Android, Apple and Windows devices.

Col. Greg Williams, deputy director of the Training Support Analysis and Integration Directorate, or TSAID, said more publications will be converted.

“We will be leading this effort on training publications and will continue to work closely with military promoters to determine which publications should be converted to EPUB,” he said. TSAID ensures that publications are processed for authentication by the Army Publishing Directorate.

Remily said the e-publishing effort will dramatically increase the accessibility of publications and reduce printing costs as e-publishing gains more readers.

Remily and Williams’ organizations are part of the Combined Arms Center – Training on Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The CAC-T manages the Army’s training support and training development programs.

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