Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi on fame, new music and her podcast projects

In 2008, Australian pop singer Gabriella Cilmi burst onto the music scene with the hit single sweet about me.

It reached No. 1 in Australia and entered the top 10 across Europe, catapulting the singer into stardom and changing her life.

Gabriella Cilmi chats with Larry and Kylie in the video above

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“When I was writing this record, I was in school,” said Cilmi The morning show of London, his home for the past decade.

But while she was recording the album, Cilmi was living in Melbourne.

“So during my school holidays I would come to the UK and record and then go home,” she said.

“I guess all of a sudden my life was turned upside down and I was traveling a lot, playing gigs around Europe and it was pretty amazing – kind of like a dream sequence in my head now.”

Gabriella Cilmi won six ARIAS in 2008. File image. Credit: ALETHEIA CASEY/AAPIMAGE

Six ARIA Awards followed, an album that sold platinum in Lessons to be learnedon tour with the Sugababes and James Blunt, and a place at the famous Glastonbury Festival.

“All of a sudden you’re doing interviews and you have to get used to people having an opinion about you, which affected me at first and I did a lot of work to get to where I was. am today and feel comfortable being myself.

“I learned a lot.”

On a mission

Cilmi’s star was tarnished with the 2010s release Tena more upbeat, electronic album that failed the charts despite critical acclaim.

This was followed by the more acoustic album The Sting in 2013, and picked songs and EPs in the years since.

She still makes music, and recently released an EP titled The water with his brother.

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“We wrote this before the lockdown so we haven’t really been able to visit it; I had to cancel all my concerts, which is a shame.

“But it was basically my return to my roots, I’m a big fan of roots and blues music, it’s my first love.

“I recorded all the vocals in one or two takes, all live with the band, and it was just a great experience.”

I just relax

When COVID lockdowns forced so many musicians to cancel their gigs, the internet became the place to interact with fans.

Through her Instagram Live series Chillin’ with Cilmishe stayed in touch with fans and friends.

It was such a hit that she plans to make a podcast out of it.

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“The lockdown has made me and many other people think about how we go about our daily lives and really made us think about what is important in life.

“It led me down a path of introspection and I just reached out to different people, different people I looked up to and friends to have these conversations with me on Instagram Live.”


Although Climi lives in London with her Scottish partner, she still lives in Australia.

“I come back as often as I can… now every time I come back, I really appreciate where I grew up.”

And when she comes back to play live shows, she’ll still sing sweet about me.

“It always goes well with the crowd and I’m really grateful for what this song has done for me.”

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