Auto Loan – Optimal Solution For Used Car Buying

Just before the summer solstice, Good Finance’s client Liene Lapsiina took advantage of the bank’s credit and came to her dream car.

Liene has been wondering about the time to buy a newer and better car. The dream model Audi A3 was also watched. Liene cannot afford to buy a new vehicle yet, because she lives and earns one, and continues to pay off her student loan. But if a committed person has a dream, there is always the chance to fulfill it.

Leasing or credit?

Leasing or credit?

“At first I was thinking about leasing,” says Liene. “I went to the bank to get it done, but a bank representative assured me that in my case when I am not buying a new or used car, choosing a loan will have less valuation, and the machine will be mine and not the banks. I decided that this way would really be more convenient and beneficial for me. ”

Whoever searches, finds

Liene applied for an internet car loan of USD 6,900 for the car, which was the amount she was unwilling to borrow in the current circumstances and for which she could buy an Audi A3 under 10 years. But … there were no more offers on the market.

“After a long and almost hopeless search just before Midsummer, I finally found my dream car in Tukums. The seller was surprised that during the holiday, someone not only looks for but wants to buy it right away. All formalities are completed in one day. Choosing to lease would have taken longer. ”

Liene Lapsiņa is now the owner of the 2006 Audi A3. In addition, she managed to buy it at a significantly lower price.

Friendly refund rules

Friendly refund rules

Liene immediately refunded the balance – more than 1000 USD – to a bank which was very easy to do via Internet Banking. “As a result, my monthly payment has dropped significantly. I’ve been applying for a loan for four years, but I plan to redeem it faster using the flexible, free commission repayment options. I know I’ll deal with it. Of course, it is a responsibility – you have to expect a regular payment, but I am convinced that a bank representative will help me to find the best solution for me in any case. ”

Also, use your – car loan or consumer loan to buy a car

Also use you - car loan or consumer loan to buy a car

If you want to buy a used – and therefore cheaper – car, consider getting a car loan or a consumer loan, depending on the amount you purchase. It is most advantageous to do this through online banking.

Car purchase loan

• Loan amount: USD 3,000 – 12,000

• Maturity: up to 5 years

• Monthly income: from 600 USD per month (from 800 USD with guarantor, if any)

• Fee: 100 USD

• Interest rate: from 8% (determined individually for each client)

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Consumer loan for car purchase

• Loan amount: 500-3000 USD

• Maturity: up to 5 years

• Monthly income: from 252 USD after tax

• Fee: 2% of the amount (minimum – 20 USD)

• Interest rate: from 16% (determined individually for each client)

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In both cases:

• registration of the car in the name of the car borrower (registration must be done within 30 days of signing the contract);

• possible early repayment of the loan without commission;

• Loan terms can be easily changed via Internet Banking.

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