Defiance News Network Enables Students to Explore Broadcast Journalism



DEFIANCE, Ohio (WTVG) – Defiance High School is reinventing its campus information program.

The show is called “Defiance News Network” – or DNN – a play on the CNN News Network.

Teacher Eric West says the course helps students step out of their comfort zones and explore news and storytelling in new ways.

“When we started it was just radio ads,” West said. “It was 5 minutes in the morning, and bare walls, and minimal sound equipment. And a very basic kind of editing. And now it looks really good. The kids bought into what I told them: I said we were going to take it seriously. If we take it seriously, they will take us seriously.

Students learn to write news, edit, work on the camera, anchor and even present the weather. The class is also bi-weekly, taking a week to write and produce a newscast, then film and edit the full segment in week two.

“It made me feel more independent and took me out of my comfort zone,” Summer Lirot said.

“Broadcasting is a very interesting thing,” adds Ethan Ingle, a sophomore. I like to learn how a production is really set in stone, how it really works.

Even though some of these students have no plans to become broadcast journalists, they are still grateful to be a part of history at Defiance High School.

“I just think it’s important to stick with what you believe, what you write and get your point across,” said Liv Adams, senior at Defiance High. “Be as honest as possible and have as many resources as possible to make sure people know what you are talking about, they know you know what you are talking about.”

There are currently two broadcast classes with a combined total of 40 students. West says the goal is to continue expanding the program, modernizing the studio, and ultimately expanding broadcasting to schools in Defiance City.

If you want to watch DNN or learn more about the program, you can watch their clips on their Google website.

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