E-Commerce Podcast Lunch With Norm By Norman Farrar Shares Tips On How To Sell On Walmart Marketplace

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, December 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – “Lunch With Norm” recently published a new article on how to sell in the Walmart marketplace. This blog post was written by Michal chapnick, a full-time e-commerce entrepreneur with a successful online shopping experience since 2011. She has been successfully selling on Walmart for three years and has helped many Amazon sellers start their journey on Walmart.

The blog post written by Michal chapnick is available on https://lunchwithnorm.com/blog/walmart-marketplace/.

Walmart is quickly becoming a popular option for online sellers around the world, as this market is still new and not crowded with third-party sellers. Chapnick believes that sellers who enter this market now will have a huge advantage in the future. However, getting approval as a seller at Walmart is a complex process as the platform assesses the backgrounds of applicants on other platforms.

In his article, Michal chapnick shares six helpful tips for online entrepreneurs looking to sell on Walmart.

  • Only experienced sellers should apply, as Walmart asks specific questions about the applicant’s selling experience on other sites. During the application process, applicants must mention the number of active products they have, their annual turnover, the average value of their basket and their years of activity.
  • The application process can be simplified and speeded up by applying through a candidate’s existing accounts with Shopify, Deliverr, or PayPal.
  • Aspiring Walmart salespeople should also have proper and smoothly functioning customer service. It’s not enough to have an email address and a Google Voice number.
  • Walmart prefers sellers with a product that is not already oversaturated.
  • Walmart constantly checks the prices of products and removes those that are considered too expensive by its algorithm. Therefore, sellers must price correctly.
  • Walmart takes customer satisfaction very seriously and wants all of its sellers to have an organized inventory system, same day shipping, constant inventory, and warehouses in the United States.

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