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Latest episode available for download now, also discusses missing credits for the developers of Metroid Dread

You can now download the latest episode of the GamesIndustry.biz podcast, in which we discuss some of the biggest stories in the industry.

First, we discuss the dance going on between Electronic Arts and the FIFA football association. While EA has claimed that it is considering a new branding for its best-selling football series, FIFA has suggested that it is considering conceding its mark to other parties.

We reflect on what each party has to lose or gain, or if it is ultimately all about negotiating tactics and the world’s best-selling game is likely to stay as it is.

Next, following complaints from the developers of Metroid Dread that they did not receive credit in the end game, we explore what should earn a spot on any project’s staff roster.

You can listen to our last episode in the player above, subscribe to our directly here. It is also available through Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, Player FM, TuneIn, and other widely used podcast platforms.

Title music composed by Thomas Marchant. Episode mastered by Alix Attenborough.

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