Electronic Wireless Show Podcast Episode 176: The Best Regular Jobs in Special Games

Full disclosure: This episode of the Electronic Wireless Show podcast was originally going to be called the best menial jobs in special games, but halfway through we decided we didn’t like the term, and also that it limited the scope of the episode, so we replaced it with regular jobs. Basically, we’re talking about when you’re doing normal work in games that aren’t hero-killer-monster stuff, you know?

A truly exceptional number of digressions this week, however. The train derails really early on as we start talking about the Elden Ring, and so, naturally, what piece of Matthew would a king steal for said king’s body? (The answer is Matthew’s beautiful soft hair). Of course, we hear more about Nate’s orc/goblin dollhouse, and at certain points in the podcast we manage to backtrack to talk about the actual topic of the podcast. Plus, Nate has a cave of lies this week themed around, uh, Nate.

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The music is by Jack de Quidt, whose job it is to make good music.

Obviously, we’re talking about Fable and the mini jobs you can do there, whether it’s pouring pints, chopping wood, or baking pies for four days straight.

Nate fondly remembers making pizza for trees in Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis.

In survival games like Don’t Starve, you have to do jobs, although we argue if that counts because the stakes (staying alive) are higher.

There are GTA games where you do jobs like delivery driving, and in Yakuza: Like A Dragon you do jobs in a very Yakuza way.

Nate talks about the time he spent hours staring at crab bellies in Deadliest Catch: The Game.

There is a whole genre of work simulator games – Station Renovation, House Flipper, Lawn Mowing Simulator and of course train and trucker games. EuroTruck Simulator, for example.

Do you remember the desert bus? Desert Bus For Hope continues to raise millions of dollars for charity.

And, of course, we couldn’t talk about gaming jobs without mentioning RPS favorite Wilmot’s Warehouse.

Here’s a terrible Star Trek TNG comedy rap that’s NSFW and very 00s.

Recommendations this week are Reacher, a TV show about a big man, an inexplicable comedy reality show Last One Laughing / Documental and Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park.

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