Electronic Wireless Show Podcast Episode 203: The Best Wicked Breakdowns in Special Games

We’re back with a bang, a wicked laugh and a dose of coronavirus I brought back from somewhere in Tenerife. The two-week drought is interrupted by an Electronic Wireless Show podcast rainshower, where we discuss the best naughty blackouts we’ve enjoyed in video games. Matthew is sadly absent this week because, while my dose of coronavirus is mild, like the tingle of delicious Rio Tropical on your tongue, Matthew’s is wild and aggressive, like an overloaded electricity cop.

In his absence, Nate and I talk about good villains, and even discuss sensible things like evil cartoon monsters versus villains you can sympathize with. Handsome Jack? GLaDOS? LeChuck? Andrew Ryan? It’s one hell of an awkward dinner. Plus, stick around for a Cavern Of Lies that proves Warhammer 40k is essentially the same as Tumblr.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt

The specter of Tim Curry corpse through the word “space!” in Red Alert, but still nailing it, is invited to this party again. Nate talks about games where bad guys zoom in on you to yell at you. He also talks about the Halo Infinite Emotions Gorilla, which he wrote a whole article about.

I love LeChuck from the Monkey Island series, and I especially love the evolution he went through in Return To Monkey Island.

Handsome Jack from the Borderlands series is what prompted our discussion of nuanced villains. Handsome Jack is a cartoon, sure, but he thinks he’s the hero. It’s interesting!

You know who else? The real bad sad son of Dad Of War (spoilers) Baldr.

There’s also Vaas from Far Cry 3, who isn’t technically the game’s main villain, but is the only one remembered, and the series has been chasing that high ever since.

Compulsory obedience paid to GLaDOS since Portal and Portal 2 (with a side of Wheatley).

Controversial point of view: Hitler in Wolfenstein is a villain.

Recommendations this week are Age Of Empires streamer T90Official and series 4 of the BBC sitcom Ghosts.

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