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A new variant of the coronavirus identified in South Africa is causing a new round of travel restrictions around the world. The risks of the variant, called omicron, are largely unknown, but the World Health Organization calls it a “variant of concern.”

The United States said on Friday it would ban travel from South Africa and seven other African countries to non-U.S. Citizens from Monday. The European Union, Canada and other countries have imposed similar restrictions.

The real risks of Omicron are not understood. But early evidence suggests that it carries an increased risk of re-infection compared to other highly transmissible variants, the WHO said. This means that people who have contracted COVID-19 and have recovered could be prone to catching it again. It could take weeks to find out if current vaccines are less effective against her.

In addition to southern Africa, the omicron variant has now been observed in travelers in Belgium, Hong Kong and Israel.

The Texan company Navigator CO2 Ventures offers 1,300 mile carbon sequestration pipeline which would cross 36 counties in Iowa, including Linn County.

The company is inviting landowners in eastern Iowa with properties on or near the proposed pipeline route to public meetings about the project and may contact them later for easements. Meetings start Monday and run until early January.

The pipeline would capture carbon dioxide from ethanol and fertilizer plants. The gas would be pressurized, turned into a liquid and sent to a sequestration site in western Illinois.

There, liquid carbon would be injected into rock formations, where it would calcify and be stored permanently. The idea would keep carbon dioxide out of the air, where it contributes to global warming.

The goal of the $ 3 billion project proposed by Navigator is to sequester up to 15 million metric tonnes of CO2.

Next year, Iowans will have the option to keep their state-issued driver’s license on their smartphones, not just their wallet.

Iowa Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Division Director Melissa Gillett said state officials have started a pilot project to make driver’s licenses digital, or “mobile identification,” available for download via apps for Apple and Android smartphones in the course of 2022.

Gillett said that following the pilot, which will involve testing and feedback from DOT employees, the department expects an app to be available to all Iowa residents around the summer of 2022. .

The proposed mobile driver’s license will be optional for those who prefer digital convenience, but all residents of Iowa will still need to have paper licenses even if their electronic devices are equipped with the digital version of the common form of identification. state of Iowa, said Gillett. .

# 16 Iowa scored 22 unanswered points, including 19 in the fourth quarter, to beat Nebraska 28-21 to win the Heroes Trophy for the seventh consecutive year.

The victory also keeps the Hawkeyes alive for a spot in the Big Ten West Championship game. They need Minnesota to beat Wisconsin on Saturday for that.

The Hawkeyes improved to 10-2 overall and 7-2 in the Big Ten. The Huskers end the season 3-9, 1-8. The nine losses were single digits, eight by a score.

According to the National Weather Service’s Quad Cities office: On Saturdays, there is a risk of watering and gusts before 10 a.m., then a risk of watering between 10 a.m. and noon. The weather will be mostly cloudy, then gradually become sunny, with a high near 49. It will be windy, with gusts of up to 30 mph. Saturday evening: Partly cloudy, with a low of around 26 and wind gusts of up to 25 mph.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high of near 41 and gusts of up to 20 mph. On Sunday evening, it will be mostly cloudy, with a low around 27.


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