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Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, presented the company’s electrification plans and, above all, its expectations.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is helping to push gasoline prices above $4 a gallon on average in the United States, while driving up the costs of various raw materials. All of these increases have led Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares to warn that the new vehicles will very soon be priced out of reach for middle-class buyers.

Some of the other stories you need to know include:

  • Sony announced its intention to enter the automotive sector earlier this year. Now the electronics giant is teaming up with Honda to make it happen;
  • Hyundai and Kia have revealed plans to introduce a slew of new electric models by 2030, including two battery-electric pickup trucks;
  • As COVID cases begin to drop across the country, automakers have begun lifting mask mandates at factories across the United States; and,
  • The saga of the Felicity Ace and the nearly 4,000 vehicles on board has come to an unexpected end.
Ford CEO Jim Farley on the EV ICE split
Ford CEO Jim Farley outlined the company’s near-term plans, including corporate restructuring.

The industry’s shift to electric vehicles was supercharged last week as Ford and Stellantis outlined plans to speed up the development of electric vehicles – though they are heading in decidedly different directions, said editor Joe Szczesny. In this week’s Top Story, Ford CEO Jim Farley and the aforementioned Stellantis chief Tavares get their hands on their near-term future: sell more electric vehicles and bolster their utility vehicle divisions, using very different methods.

Editor Michael Strong noted that Honda has covered its bases with the next-generation Civic. There’s a fast one, one hatchback, one with a big spoiler and the Honda Sport he drove for a week. Bigger isn’t always better, and few vehicles embody that notion better than the Civic. Check out the review.

As for this week, Strong notes the big stories TheDetroitBureau will be covering, starting with the return of Spanish luxury performance car maker Hispano Suiza. He’s back with an all-electric model, the Carmen, and we’ve spoken with senior executives to get the details. GM will likely come up with an update similar to the ones given last week by Ford and Stellantis and if they do, we’ll get the story – and more.

Editor Larry Printz takes us back to 1958 for this week in automotive history where Fuji Heavy Industries launches a new car in Japan: the Subaru 360. Underpowered, but cheap, it aims to take on the VW Beetle in the United States – and fails. However, this ultimately leads to more popular cars like the Outback and WRX. Find out more in this week’s podcast.

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