It’s time to future-proof your supply chain on The Rebound podcast

Listen to Abe Eshkenazi and Bob Trebilcock discuss with David Glick, Tom Raftery and Rick Watson the most important trends shaping the future of supply chain management, from technology to sustainability to talent. You won’t want to miss this episode of The Rebound, recorded live at this year’s ASCM Connect.

Of course, we all still face supply chain disruptions. But the best organizations look beyond the present to the future and ask themselves: What are the steps to build resilience, agility, and customer focus into their processes? Is it technology? Is it talent? And how will the focus on sustainability and diversity shape our organizations in the future?

These are among the questions ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi and SCMR’s Bob Trebilcock discussed with Flexe CTO David Glick, supply chain futurist and innovation evangelist Tom Raftery and Rick Watson. , an e-commerce influencer and founder and CEO of RMW Commerce Consulting. You won’t want to miss this special episode of The Rebound, recorded live in Chicago during this year’s ASCM Connect.

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About the Author

Bob Trebilcock Bob Trebilcock, Managing Editor, has covered material handling, technology, logistics and supply chain topics for nearly 30 years. In addition to Supply Chain Management Review, he is also editor of Modern Materials Handling. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Trebilcock lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 603-852-8976.

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