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Historically, video conferencing and collaboration technologies were largely reserved for the office, executives, managers and some information workers using these tools to spend time with their shareholders, employees and distant customers.

Then 2020 arrived, and suddenly tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams became household names, with workers around the world having to quickly learn the ins and outs of these new platforms. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we explored changing our virtual backgrounds, screen sharing, and other features of these platforms – many of us for the first time.

Since then, the collaboration and video conferencing industry has exploded, with Zoom and Microsoft Teams reporting record growth while other players like Google Meet, Webex and GoTo Meeting also make strong arguments.

However, it’s not just the platforms themselves that have seen the demand and innovated – it’s also collaborative hardware makers like Logitech, Poly, Barco, Sony, Bose, Sharp, Avocor, Samsung, Sennheiser and others who have developed remote work solutions to meet the demands of a distributed workforce.

The collaboration industry is now bringing new features designed for hybrid working, making it easier to transition from home to office. Nonetheless, the market is inundated with collaboration platforms and ancillary devices such as cameras, microphones, headsets and more that can overwhelm the technology decision maker.

To help you grow your collaboration stack and embrace hybrid work solutions, we’ve partnered with a leader in collaboration and audiovisual AVI-SPL on a regular podcast called “The Collaboration Space Podcast”. The episodes cover topics that can help organizations create hybrid work policies and equip employees with everything they need to be productive, wherever they are.

The modern office evolves, so let My TechDecsisions, AVI-SPL, and other leaders in office technology guide you down that path.

The episodes, listed in published order, can be consumed right here on the My TechDecisions website and anywhere else you consume podcasts.

Cross-platform video collaboration

In this video episode, guest host John Bailey greets David Fitzgerald from Barco to explain how Barco ClickShare enables your teams to collaborate using video.

Hybrid learning technology and CARES Act 2.0

Learn about hybrid learning environments and how to fund these programs from Crestron representatives on the AVI-SPL Collaboration Space podcast.

Understanding the hybrid trends between work and school

AVI-SPL and Sony discuss hybrid trends between work and school and more during this Collaboration Space podcast.

Meeting the challenges of HyFlex learning technology

AVI-SPL and Bose discuss blended learning technology and trends for higher education institutions in this episode of the Collaboration Space podcast.

How collaboration drives the return to the office

AVI-SPL and Sharp discuss how collaboration drives the return to the office and what it means for you and your team. In today’s new normal, simplicity, flexibility and versatility are essential to meet the needs of office and hybrid collaboration.

Support the transition to hybrid work with robust AV solutions

Join AVI-SPL and Legrand AV for an in-depth discussion on the changes to be made to support a hybrid work environment, as they share ideas on robust AV solutions to help make the transition smoother.

How to turn your office into a rugged digital workplace

In this video edition of The Collaboration Space podcast, Poly collaboration experts discuss considerations for creating a technology plan to support your organization’s return to work.

How a university made its blended learning vision a reality

In this video edition of The Collaboration Space podcast, we explain how AVI-SPL and Sennheiser helped a university create a hybrid environment.

Audiovisual Considerations for Higher Education Esports Players and Viewers

Explore esports in higher education with AVI-SPL and HARMAN in this video edition of The Collaboration Space Podcast.

The many advantages of email centers

In this episode, we focus on digital signage. Cole Barnes from Samsung joins us to discuss ROI and other benefits of Message Center (CEM).

Essential tools for the hybrid workplace

Logitech joins the latest podcast in the AVI-SPL collaboration space to discuss the essentials of the hybrid workplace.

Remote meeting management solutions

Biamp joins the latest podcast in the AVI-SPL collaboration space to discuss remote meeting management solutions.

How to Achieve Fairness in Meetings for All Employees

Explore the concept of meeting fairness for remote and in-person meeting participants with AVI-SPL and collaborative display provider Avocor.


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