Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast Celebrates 8th Year of Broadcasting with JacketMediaCo


Lew Weiss, founder and host of the show

Talk Radio Manufacturing

Talk Radio Manufacturing

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The company added additional shows, an electronic magazine and extended distribution

Manufacturing Talk Radio continues to be a leading voice in the manufacturing industry and podcasts for relevant, useful and actionable information.

– Lew Weiss – Founder, Manufacturing Talk Radio

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 15, 2021 / — The Manufacturing The Talk Radio podcast, hosted by Lew Weiss and Tim Grady, celebrated its 8th anniversary on November 13, 2021, having aired nearly 650 weekly shows and special events. The talks included guests from the US Congress, think tank leaders, professionals from the manufacturing industry, renowned economists, leading academics, association officials and industry entrepreneurs. The goal of the show is to provide useful and actionable updates to the manufacturing industry, including all upstream raw material suppliers and downstream customers. Manufacturing Talk Radio is featured in both audio and video on the C-Suite network, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, YouTube (video), on and dozens of your podcast listening platforms. favorite.

Manufacturing Talk Radio is broadcast for the benefit of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors, including furniture and related products; petroleum and coal; Machinery; Electrical equipment, apparatus and components; Computer and electronic products; Chemical products; Clothing, leather and related products; Textile and paper factories; Impression; Food, drinks and tobacco; Manufactured metals; Transport equipment; primary metals; Non-metallic mineral products; plastics and rubber; Consumer electronics; Accommodation and food services; Retail trade, Construction; Educational services; Information processing; Mining; Utilities; Distribution and warehousing; Health care; Welfare; Wholesale trade; Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, finance, insurance, real estate; Professional and technical services; Arts, entertainment and recreation.

In addition to Manufacturing Talk Radio, JacketMediaCo has created four additional podcasts. The WAM podcast (, uses rotating facilitators, and features interviews with accomplished women in manufacturing and commerce. Manufacturing Matters, moderated by Cliff Waldman (, which explains how vital manufacturing is to the global economy, often with honored guests. Danger girls ( with Emily Soloby, recent winner of The Empowering Woman of the Year 2021 award, who interviews women in non-traditional, often difficult or dangerous jobs. And manufacturing partnerships … Making waves with John Kennedy, CEO of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, a partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( JacketMediaCo and its parent company, the Manufacturing Broadcasting Corporation, will add additional podcasts to the network.

For readers, JacketMediaCo publishes the free monthly magazine, Manufacturing Outlook, a forward-looking digital publication highlighting key topics in manufacturing as well as industry activity in Europe, Asia, Central & South America and North America. It also covers automotive outlook, aerospace outlook, special issue outlook, cybersecurity outlook, innovation outlook, and contributions from industry writers. Readers can subscribe to and receive the November 2021 issue.

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