National Security Podcast: Unboxing Australia’s Electronic Surveillance Law



In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Lizzie O’Shea and Dominique Dalla-Pozza join WilI Stoltz to discuss the state of electronic surveillance in Australia – with a focus on two new powerful legal texts.

Much of our lives now take place online, so this area has naturally become an important source of intelligence and evidence for national security agencies. Parliament recently passed two important laws that extend the powers of Australian security agencies to digital espionage. What impact will these laws have on the average citizen? And how are they going to help the security agencies do their job? In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Will Stoltz discusses these new laws and their potential impact with Lizzie O’Shea and Dominique Dalla-Pozza. Listen now:

Lizzie O’Shea is a human rights lawyer specializing in public interest litigation. She is a founding member and president of Digital Rights Watch and author of Future stories.

Dr Dominique Dalla-Pozza is a lecturer at ANU College of Law and works in Australian public law. His main research focuses on the Australian Parliament and the legislative process, in particular the process by which Australian National Security Law is developed.

Dr William Stoltz is Senior Advisor for Public Policy at ANU National Security College (NSC). It is responsible for mobilizing the research and expertise of residents of the College to influence and inform current debates on public policies.

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