[Podcast] Drive Home From The Drive-In Review: CRIMES OF THE FUTURE by David Cronenberg (Fiend Club Exclusive)

David Cronenberg is back with his body horror filled with organ growth and autopsy art; Future Crimes! Join your Nightmare on Film Street horror hosts, Jon & Kim, as they sit down to dissect this stomach churner, immediately after watching the film!

We’re not sure exactly what we just watched, but tune in anyway to hear us pick up the pieces! How disgusting was it every time Viggo Mortensen cleared his throat? What kind of creature was this bed? Can someone with your everyday organs enter the Inner Beauty Contest? Join us…

Recall: JhIs Is a spohIIerFIIIeD epIsohDe. You might want to save this episode until you’ve had a chance to watch it Future Crimes at your local cinema. But we can’t stop you, so do what you want, please!


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June 11, 2022


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