Podcast The Electronic Wireless Show episode 204: the best eco-themed games in games

The three of us celebrate our comeback on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast, but two-thirds of us are plagued, talking about rejuvenating the Earth – really, the podcast host of us everything. Inspired by the new eco-farming game Coral Island, which I played this week, we’re talking about our favorite eco-friendly games. This is difficult for Matthew, as he hates the environment (unless his immediate environment contains a can of Rio).

Matthew comes up with an excellent Cavern Of Lies on trees and tree monsters in games, where he tries to pull the illusory Double Beckford out of us. Does he succeed? Listen to find out.

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The music is by Jack de Quidt, who loves plants.

Besides the island farming antics of Coral Island, we’re talking Flotsam, a Waterworld-esque game where you build and maintain a city on a pile of rafts.

Incidentally, someone created a playable version of Kevin Costner’s arcade game Waterworld from a 10-second 90s Simpsons joke.

Nate loves Among Ripples, a game about rebuilding one of the less sexy ecosystems (a freshwater pond).

Terra Nil and Surviving Mars both deal with the regrowth of plants in hostile environments. People would probably be against greening Mars, right?

Matthew, who gets the theme but doesn’t like it because it’s not a Yakuza game, suggests the icy track in Red Dead Redemption 2 because the icy cracking sounds are great, and Strange Horticulture, which has plants (and actually isn’t a bad choice).

He also talks about Mutazione, a nice game about restoring the balance between people and plants on an island. Matthew didn’t play it, but he watched Katharine play it.

You know what’s good? Luimno City, a puzzle game where you walk around a small town that is a real physical model and where you fix things! It’s good!

Recommendations this week, the TV show Industry, the chaotic reality show The Mole and Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Mars Trilogy.

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