PODCAST | The Story: Spotlight on Mob Justice and the Horrific Murder of an Innocent

Abongile Mafalala, an email caller taxi driver, was wrongfully accused of kidnapping and murdered in a mob justice attack in Parkwood, Grassy Park in Cape Town on Tuesday.

  • An innocent man was brutally beaten to death, and his body and car burned, in a mob justice attack in Parkwood, Grassy Park on Tuesday.
  • The man was later identified as Abongile Mafalala, a taxi driver calling via email from Dunoon, Cape Town.
  • He was called to the scene, via an online taxi app, by suspected thugs, then robbed and wrongfully accused of kidnapping.

Abongile Mafalala was an innocent man, horribly murdered in a mob justice attack on Tuesday morning in Parkwood, Grassy Park, Cape Town.

Graphic videos of the brutal attack were shared widely on social media.

Community members believed that Mafalala was responsible for rumors of abductions in the area. It was later revealed by police and community safety forum members that no abductions had been reported.

Police investigations later revealed that Mafalala, an email caller taxi driver from Dunoon, Cape Town, had accepted a request for transport from two suspected thugs.

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Upon arrival, he was beaten and robbed – then wrongfully accused of kidnapping.

After learning that Mafalala was guilty, around 100 community members gathered. He was then severely beaten and his body and car were burned.

His family is devastated and maintains that an innocent man has been murdered.

This week on The Story, we speak to News24 reporter Lisalee Solomons, who has covered the story closely.

We then discuss mob justice, in a South African context, with Lizette Lancaster of the Institute for Security Studies, who works in the Justice and Violence Prevention programme.

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