Podcast | What does intelligent infrastructure mean for future design, maintenance and operation?

The latest episode of The Engineers Collective is now available.

The role of the Internet of Things in enabling fully intelligent infrastructure is honored with a look at what it means for the future of civil engineering in this episode, sponsored by Farnell Electronics.

NCE Editor-in-Chief Claire Smith is joined by Arup Associate Director Rory McCully to look back at the evolution that embedded sensor technology has brought to infrastructure over the past 25 years and reflect on what that the next 25 years could bring.

Claire starts with some predictions that were made by NCE’s 25and anniversary in 1997 where it was expected by 2022 that there would be self-monitoring and self-checking bridges. These had to have their own repair robots and be able to predict when they had reached their lifespan.

Rory and Claire conclude that the industry hasn’t quite reached that point yet and is a long way off, but look at what has been achieved and consider the benefits that the Internet of Things and intelligent infrastructure could bring in the future.

Rory also describes some of the hurdles the industry faces in achieving these benefits, as well as the need for such technology to look at systems rather than infrastructure on a structure-by-structure level to achieve maximum benefit.

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The group of engineers

The Engineers Collective has a truly global reach, with a third of listeners based outside the UK. It is also appealing to a curious and career-building audience, with 80% of listeners under 35.

Special guests in previous episodes include Crossrail chief executive Mark Wild, HS2 Ltd special adviser Andrew McNaughton and former ICE chairwoman Rachel Skinner. All are available for download and all deal with current and ongoing issues around skills and major project completion.

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This episode of The Engineers Collective is brought to you by Farnell Electronics.

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