The Electronic Wireless Show Podcast Episode 155: The Best Puzzles in Special Games



Here at the Electronic Wireless Show podcast, we already did an episode about puzzles, but Matthew and I love puzzles a lot. We are also talking about our favorite puzzle, not a puzzle game. This means that nate can come up with some orcs games, or whatever, that also contains a puzzle somewhere. Also, yeah, I got the podcast number wrong again, I know I keep doing it, let’s all move on together.

What’s surprising is that we don’t really have to spend hours discussing the definition of a puzzle, which I think shows personal growth. Well done to us! Also, this week include what role Matthew do you fill on the team in a heist movie, Nate vs. Rufus Hound, and what the Riddler affair is all about, anyway? Also: Please give us creative control over all major movie and gaming IPs, so we can remake them to be about Rio Tropical drink.

You can listen on Spotify, or higher, or go directly on Soundcloud where you can download it for later. You can also now chat about the episode on our Discord channel, which has a room dedicated to podcast chat.

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. The music is by Jack de Quidt, a most insightful person capable of solving many puzzles.

The smartest people wear t-shirts we helped design.

Nate enjoys the surprise puzzles thrown at him in Total War: Warhammer II.

Matthew and Nate also discuss some of the game modes and additions to Hearthstone and Gwent.

I’m a huge fan of the red apple tree puzzles in The Witness and when you find out who the artist is in Return Of The Obra Dinn.

Matthew loves the bizarre quarantine puzzle Metal Gear Solid V.

The way you get the map you need in The Curse Of Monkey Island is disgusting, but I love it.

Recommendations this week is the cool heist drama on netflix, Money theft, the Crack the Cryptic YouTube channel, and the Age Of Reptiles comic series by Ricardo Delgado


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