The Electronic Wireless Show Podcast Episode 156: Top Doctors in Special Games



The recording of this episode of The Electronic Wireless Show podcast unfortunately turned out to be cursed with technical glitches, meaning I’m (probably noticeably) tired and cranky, and won’t let Matthew and Nate reproduce their witty jokes from the first time we tried to save. No open cold! Still, nothing to cheer me up like a good doctor’s bedside manner. Oh no, it turns out all the doctors in the game are awful!

We discuss our favorite types of in-game medicine and also discuss the reasons why doctors in games are bad bad guys so often. The Matthew and His Teeth saga continues, as you envision Matthew as a clown who just arrived at your children’s birthday party smeared with his wife’s lipstick, drinks all of your Fanta and walks away. Now it’s malpractice.

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The music is by Jack de Quidt, who never claimed to be a doctor.

Nate loves the Little Doctors of RimWorld and Dr Zed of Borderlands

There are some really bad doctors out there, especially in BioShock and Outlast, and Surgeon Simulator (although that’s a different type of bad doctor).

Theme Hospital and Two Point Hospital have good, wacky doctors.

Guilty Gear sort of has two different old medics fighting with big scapes.

Recommendations this week are netflix Anime Castlevania, the BBC sitcom Ghosts, and The saga of the meta-barons aka the metabarons by Alejandro Jordorowsky.


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