The Electronic Wireless Show Podcast episode 162: the best literary adaptations in special games



Hello podcast fans. Mom is away this week, which means the detainees have returned to asylum. The temptation was to play another part of Sweeten The Deal, but instead Nate and I were good podcast little boys and delivered a surprisingly accurate discussion of our favorite video game adaptations of literary works. Well, I say “on point”; there’s also quite a bit of talk about the new Dune, which reminded us of successful book-to-screen journeys. Unfortunately, the House Atreides bagpipe group was not available for a catchy rendition of the podcast’s theme.

There is also a Micro Cave of Lies where things get biblical.

You can listen on Spotify, or higher, or go directly on Soundcloud where you can download it for later. I love to download and listen to it during walks along the canal, sometimes surprising the aging men of the canal with complacent laughing horns at our own jokes. And once you’ve surprised your own crispy fisherman, you can discuss the episode on our Discord channel, which has a room dedicated to podcast chat.

You can also get the RSS feed here or find it on itunes, Stapler Where Pocket casts.

The music is by Jack de Quidt, who obviously doesn’t need a bunch of space bagpipes to let off steam.

Dune’s movie made Nate think of Westwood’s Dune 2 and the insane debt modern RTS owes Frank Herbert.

Matthew (aka: me) wondered how Discworld stitch and clickers captured the spirit of the books, and if Eric Idle was the right Python for Rincewind.

We wonder if games like Baldur’s Gate or the hundreds of Warhammer riffs could be considered literary adaptations, such is their writing from fictionalized lore.

Likewise, is Inkle witchcraft! a literary adaptation, given that it’s actually Steve Jackson’s Sorcery. Or do playbooks cheat?

Is Bioshock an adaptation of the collected works of Ayn Rand? I’m not sure we’ve scratched the surface of this one, so you might want to try this interview with Ken Levine instead.

Recommendations this week are Dune (which is no surprise) and Rennie, because I shot a Nate this week, forgot to prepare a recommendation and then I picked something in my gaze. I bet the sand worms of Dune would absolutely make reindeer beasts. Fear kills the mind, but it’s the acid reflux that affects your esophagus.

Alice will be back next week, so don’t panic.


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