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“Listening to podcasts is more fun with friends, so we’ve made it easier to invite your community to your experience and interact with listeners and podcasters from around the world with similar interests,” says Wittstock, CEO and founder of Podopolo. “And we’ve enabled podcasters to grow, know and engage their fans in meaningful ways while monetizing their content.”

Podopolo is the most complete podcast platform

Available for download at Apple and google play, Podopolo has more podcasts than any other app – over 4 million podcasts with hundreds of millions of instantly updated episodes in all genres and languages, from undiscovered gems to fan favorites including NPR podcasts How i built this, Wait wait don’t tell me, Ted radio time, comedy titles like Clever, WTF Bill Burr’s Monday morning podcast and Office ladies, real crime listen like Morbid and Addicted to crime, business shows like The Gary Vee audio experience, Reid Hoffman’s Masters of scale and The Ramsey Show, as well as top health, spirituality, sports, music, entertainment and hits from Wondery, iHeartRadio, CNN, Wall St Journal, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, United States Today and more, including Joe Budden’s podcast, The Michael Savage Show, and the New York Times’ The Daily.

Podopolo’s exclusive powerful search and recommendation engine delivers and curates the highest quality podcasts matching each listener’s interests and friendships so podcast fans can create personalized and social listening libraries. Listeners can invite friends into the app and instantly share episodes on Podopolo and beyond via SMS and social media.

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Podcasting is the fastest growing medium of all time, but podcast hosting and listening applications have not innovated at a rapid pace. “We got stuck on 1.0 podcasting; that’s why it’s time to innovate podcasting 2.0 and beyond, ”says Wittstock.

Podopolo is a true all-service podcast platform at the intersection of media, AI-powered technology and the creator economy, where podcasters benefit from cross-promotion, transparent AI-powered audience analytics, and monetization of the advertising and paywall.

Today Podopolo debuts on Product hunting, the platform that presents the best new products every day.

Podopolo built a inspiring team culture working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic with a growing team of 22 people across 8 countries, amplifying the diversity of our global content with the diversity of our team and partners.

“Our goal at Podopolo is to improve lives and raise awareness around the world by connecting diverse communities with content that changes the world and among themselves,” says Wittstock, “while creating profitable opportunities for podcasters, consumers, brands and companies “.

Executive Chairman of Podopolo and Principal Investor Steve Petit of Zero Limits Ventures, who has built six of his own tech companies with 9-figure exits, says, “Podopolo is the most exciting opportunity I’ve seen in years. Founder by Melinda Wittstock visionary leadership skills are extraordinary, as well as his ability to attract top talent and deliver too much results and traction. I couldn’t be more excited about the product and its vast potential. ”

On Melinda wittstock

Melinda wittstock, CEO and Founder of Podopolo and Top Rated Podcast Host Inspired company wings, has had a successful career in technology and media as an executive, host and producer for several of the world’s biggest media brands, including the BBC, Financial Time, Hours of London and CNBC, as well as the founding and growth of four previous companies in broadcast media, social media, AI-based consumer intelligence, gamification and technology to a multi-million dollar success. Each was his “laboratory”, proving parts of Podopolo. Learn more about Podopolo and follow Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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